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Dramatic Marketing

Dramatic, striking, eye-catching marketing is different. It stands out because it screams for awareness and demands to be noticed… and it gets noticed, insuring that your message will reach your target audience.

Dramatic marketing is usually somewhat edgy, maybe even a bit outrageous, and to some extent risky. Dramatic marketing is best utilized by those who have the desire and the courage to stand out and be noticed, and especially when most competitors’ marketing is typical, ordinary, and fails to inspire.

The fact is, in today’s tough and demanding business environment, the same-old, run-of the-mill, dull and unimaginable marketing is simply futile.

The objective is to be seen, and to have your marketing be remembered – in other words, to be “sticky.” Again I reiterate, to achieve this goal, you must stand out! Your visual identity, your perceived position in the market, and your web presence all need to be truly inspiring. And, to be truly successful, you need to touch people on an emotional level. Your marketing needs to be memorable, and it must be simple! Yes, simple in message, because simple campaigns usually have a greater impact and are “stickier” than more complex efforts.

Question: Why do simple ideas catch on and become sticky… while more complicated concepts deteriorate?

Answer: Because they are easy to understand without asking the viewer to think. They are predicated on already universally understood concepts… and they’re “sticky!” Sticky (memorable) because they are (1) simple and fundamental messages (2) they are unique and unexpected (3) they are concrete, credible, and emotional, and (4) they are presented as stories.

For example: When we are entertained by a small, green lizard with a foreign but easily understood accent, (a simple concept, yet completely unexpected)… we tend to be amused and listen to the simple message. “That we can save money – 15% – if we only give them 15 minutes of our time.” A credible, easy to understand message, that seems truthful, and talks to us emotionally about saving money. A universal concept easily understood. And, we all remember the cute green lizard telling us the story.

Be simple! Get one simple message (idea) across and make sure it’s understandable without having to make the viewer think or figure something out. Be simple… so that they understand, and be dramatic about how you say it!

Usually, the hardest part of what I do is to convince a client to relinquish their desire to get the entire story into an ad or onto their web site.

I call this the “curse of creation.” It’s particularly common among many business owners and entrepreneurs. They’ve spent so much effort, energy, and many years building a business or developing a product, and now it’s time to sell their product or service… and they want everyone to hear everything about it. However, for a truly sticky ad campaign, you need to edit the message to its very core.

Simplicity is a powerful tool, but it is usually very hard for many business people and entrepreneurs, who always have a lot to say, to understand and to master it. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not talking about trimming the nonessential elements out of their message. That’s the easy part. The hard part is picking from the handful of really valuable ideas to the single most valuable idea and making that single idea as sticky as possible.

Now, the curse is that the smarter you get about something, the harder it is to share what you know. This is the problem we all have with doctors, lawyers, and accountants. We all know that they know what they’re talking about. But we’ve all had the experience of sitting in a lawyer’s office and not understanding what they were saying. Why is that? Well, it’s because they’ve forgotten that you don’t know what they know.

It’s the same with a 10-year-old who’s trying to show you how to play one of their video games. The child can’t fathom the scope of your ignorance.

And… I’m blessed that I can think like a ten year old. It helps me make dramatic, sticky, marketing campaigns that are simple, effective and powerful. It’s easy… I do it every day.

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