Print Marketing Versus Cyber Marketing


The real opportunity in marketing now lies in finding ways to incorporate traditional advertising with cyber advertising. 

It was approximately a year ago that I had an “aha” moment regarding my industry – advertising & marketing… where it’s been, and where I believe it’s heading!

Look around! It’s in your face! We’re in a transitional period from one marketing era to another. Ink versus cyber. The former “old era” of print and broadcast advertising was driven mostly by imaginative and allegorical storytelling, and in the hands of the skilled marketer, these brilliant branding and message stories were, and are still, overwhelmingly effective at getting the message across and at changing consumers’ attitudes and behavior. Even though somewhat costly, history has proven its ROI (return on investment) is well worth it.

femaleThis tried-and-true form of advertising is now commonly referred to as PUSH advertising. Magazine ads, direct mail, newsprint ads, tv, classified ads, and brochures… as well as internet based online banner ads and e-mail blasts are all considered PUSH MARKETING. Simply put, PUSH marketing is defined as any advertising effort that gets the word out to a group of potential customers (your market) with the hopes of hitting a few who currently may be interested in your product or service. Henceforth, “pushing” them to react.

Push advertising comes out to find us. It’s the good old advertising we are all accustomed to seeing, and the kind of marketing we feel bombarded with on a daily basis. It’s the kind of advertising that makes us cover our heads and look for shelter. However, it’s also the sort of advertising that builds brand identity. It works! After all, where would Coca-Cola be without its frequent commercials and promotions? Could McDonald’sguy006 be where it is today without its catchy theme songs and images of succulent burgers? And finally, where would Budweiser be without their hot, scantly clad, available-looking women?

Because push advertising is so prevalent and ingrained in our psyches, we forget that there’s a different sort of advertising as well – PULL
MARKETING. While push advertising hits the mass market, pull advertising targets specific consumers who are identified as likely customers. Pull advertising is tailored to draw visitors to your website when they are actively seeking your product or service. Prime examples of PULL marketing are: SEO search engine optimization, cost per click search engines, directory listings, specific classified ads, and well-defined and carefully target-marketed print ads.

Pull advertising is extremely effective at acquiring profitable traffic. When someone does a search online for specific “products or services” they are usually ready and willing to spend money the very first time they visit your site.

So, what does it all come down to?

It comes down to the fact that a well-balanced and properly executed marketing plan – utilizing both Push and Pull marketing is definitely the way to go! Why not use all the tools available to us today. But be smart! As with most things in life… no one way is really the “only way” nor is one “better” than the other! It’s the synergy! The knowledge of successfully combining the two, that creates the magic! Properly managed, a creative and balanced blend of push and pull marketing will create credibility (branding), bring viewers to react and to come in (based on your credibility… after all, who wants to buy an unknown product or utilize an unknown and/or questionable service), to call for information, to visit your site, and finally to become customers and clients. Push lets them know you’re here so that when they need your specific service and/or product, they will come to you without hesitation. Pull gets them to you if they are unaware or not compelled to go elsewhere and they reach out for information or to compare.

So,what does it “REALLY”come down to?

It comes down to this:

ONE • Do you have a “creative” and “stands out-from-others” traditional print advertising campaign? After all, it’s one thing to get people to see your ad… but it’s another thing to get them to read, understand and to remember your message!

TWO • Do you have a website that works for you? A site that sells “YOU”, and does not simply act as a catalogue or information tool to just inform and educate potential customers or clients? After all, it’s one thing to get a person to your website… it’s another thing to keep them there and to convince them to listen, contact, or purchase from you!

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