We pride ourselves on becoming strategic partners with each of our clients. After learning hands-on about your business and arming ourselves with a well-conceived strategic plan, we apply our creative talents to achieve specific objectives within the communications mix  - advertising • public relations • sales promotion • marketing • interactive • direct marketing • personal selling.


Being known as one of the area's most creative and talented resources in the business, we make sure our creative ideas are based on solid marketing concepts. Brand-based insights are the basis of creative thinking. While we're known for creative that's thought-provoking, edgy, and different ...we make sure it works for our clients, first and foremost.

We at Zip Creative, are contenders. Combatants against the dull, monotonous and tiresome. We're advertising warriors whose weapons are knowledge and “ideas”. The kind of expertise and creative ideas that fill people with wonder, that excite them and incite them.  Make them want and wish. Ideas that create fanatic followers. But most importantly, ideas that make people buy stuff, your stuff, lots and lots of your stuff.


Is Zip Creative right for your company? Maybe we are. If you're tired of the same old, over-used, stale, cliché´d, predictable, unimaginative dull, play it safe, don't rock the boat, boring, routine advertising… then yes, we're the “Advertising Agency” for you. A good ol' boutique advertising and marketing agency that really cares about their clients and their budgets.

ARE WE THE BIGGEST? Not by a long shot, thank goodness. In fact we strive not to become bigger… but rather to become more involved with a few select clients. We’re of the opinion to give each client dedicated personal attention. After all, bigger doesn't mean better, in fact, what it means is more shuffling paper time, more supervising staff, more problem solving, and more costs to cover overhead… that does not benefit you, the client.

Being streamlined, we can spend our days interfacing with clients, thinking, planning and developing effective marketing programs that result in successful advertising and public relations campaigns. That's what we're good at ...and that's why we got into the business in the first place.


Fact is, if the synergy's not there, we'll be the first to say so. We'll even try to steer you in a more suitable direction. But if you have a passion for pushing the creative envelope, Zip Creative, Inc. is very likely the perfect partner for your company.


yeah, who we are

    • Why a “Boutique Advertising Agency”

    Over some “Consumer - Consultant - Blog Communications -  Company”?

    • We ask… why is it that everyone seems to be avoiding calling themselves an Advertising Agency?

    There are... Communication Agencies... Consumer Advocacy Consultants... Brand Activation Demographic Specialists...  Marketing Profile Services... Direct Responsive Coupon Companies... Experiential Marketers... Buzz Agents... and whatever. How many ways can you “NOT” be an Advertising Agency?

    • At Zip Creative, we make no bones about it. We're an Advertising Agency in the advertising business!

    Granted, we believe in a liberal definition of advertising... because your Blog, your Podcast, your Buzz agents, your Package, even your Product, they're all ads. Or more accurately, advertising potential.

    • Ok, we admit to being a little fanatical about advertising.

    We love advertising. We live advertising. We talk about advertising at lunch, over drinks and at parties. We bore our wives and husbands with advertising. We think about advertising while we're walking the dog and taking a shower. We even dream about advertising. Some would call us crazy. If we are, it works for our clients.

What makes us different? To us, each and every client is a “Big Fish” in our pond. We work hard for our clients. We work hard to create marketing strategies, advertisements, and brands with extraordinary and innovative flair. We want our clients to enjoy a decisive advantage in the marketplace and to achieve an astounding return on investment. At Zip Creative, Inc. we do not restrict our thinking to safe boundaries. We like to push the envelope, get a bit edgy, do whatever it takes to create ideas that will increase your business.

Innovativeness will make your market grow and advertisements successful. Many of our ideas won't even look like advertising, or even be advertising. Many of our suggestions will surprise you. We do this because a good advertising agency does what is right for its client and their business… no matter what that means.

Ask yourself, “do you want to be a small, unimportant fish in a big pond… or a big important fish in a small pond?” Big agency or small agency? Go with small. You still get big ideas. Just without the big, big price tag.


     Whatever it takes


If you're just discovered ZIP Creative, we're certain about a few things: you're passionate about your work, you crave success and you want significant “high-five” results for your business.


Well, start getting excited about your brand and the way it can be marketed. Because ZIP is more than a  marketing agency and more than a branding consultant! We’re an authentic experience. We are Communications Catalysts that create top-line creative and bottom-line results. Collaborating and discovering with you - not talking at you - to reveal the greatness within your people and your product.


So, if you want brand marketing that is iconic, graphic design that engages, website design with a soul, advertising that suspends emotion - it begins with a call to ZIP CREATIVE.

Ok! Let's Speak. We want to hear what you have to say about us! Everyday we work hard to create and implement powerful advertising and marketing ideas that affect both businesses, and the lives of real people.


This is your space, your territory to say a thing or two about how you and your organization feel about Zip Creative. And if you are interested in personally talking to us, simply email us right here.



   Will it be print, broadcast, interactive, direct, in-store or in-your-face? What we do, really depends on what you're trying to achieve and who you're trying to talk to. Whatever is needed, we'll create the right solutions for your business... every time.

   We're a seasoned group of talented, driven, and skilled personalities, brimming with energy and passionate about helping our clients succeed. We work hard, play well with others, and truly enjoy the work we do. In fact we love what we do! And that's why we do it so well.

   And yet, no matter how proud we are of the work we've accomplished, we're never really satisfied. We understand that you're only as good as the last thing you've done. So, Zip Creative, Inc. is a work in progress - constantly evolving, growing, pursuing new opportunities and better ways to help you, the client, achieve success.


Call Norman Oberlander at 631.235.9714 and let’s talk.

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Is there an advantage to using

Zip Creative? Of course there is! Think

about the benefit of working  with an agency unpretentious enough,  that the principal is so involved… he will lose sleep over your account.





At Zip Creative, we're powered by ideas,

fueled by creativity, knowledge, vision,

inventiveness, past successes and abundant

amounts of Starbucks coffee. So, if you're

looking for the solution to your marketing or

branding problem, we really kick major butt.

The power of our ideas will make your customers love you more, your boss appreciate you more, and your competition hate you more. We'll make your spine tingle. We'll make you slap your forehead and say, "Why didn't we call Zip Creative before?”


Zip Creative, Inc. is a highly inspired, creative, streamlined, full-service advertising agency located in Melville, New York. We create our product through teamwork in a positive, stimulating environment and we enjoy what we do- we call it serious fun… others call it work.



How often do you see an ad that makes you want to run to that store, pick up the phone or do whatever else it might want you to do? Not often, right?


Maybe that's because most marketing messages are a bit boring and laden with too much information. At Zip Creative, we believe a well thought-out and innovative advertisement should:


  1. Stop people and make them see the ad.
  2. Get to the point and convey the message.
  3. Motivate your consumer to act.
  4. And... be believable!

Zip Creative, Inc. is a marketing communications firm with a very simple philosophy: “communicate” to the people. That means we listen to our clients' customers. We understand what drives them. And we know how to reach them, not only on a rational level, but on an emotional, human-to-human level. Why both? Because it takes both logic and emotion to really connect with people. Logic provides information. But emotion motivates those people to take action-now. So when you communicate effectively, you get results. And that's what you really care about, isn't it?

How we work. When Zip Creative teams up with a client, we become one team. We'll get under your skin and we’ll step into your shoes. and we’ll have our eyes on one single destination: success. As your partner, we'll live that destination, breathe it, love it and attain it. We call this process “The Zip Methodology (modus operandi)”… named not only for our distinctive approach, but out of respect for the effort, planning and dedication required to achieve any goal.

Our agency believes in five basic principles that are always present, regardless of the client, situation or project. These principles define the “Zip method”. They are not independent of each other; in fact, they work together to create synergy.

  • DIRECTION Nothing beats good advice. The Zip method promises expert direction based on our experience, knowledge, evaluation, and research. Our clients trust that our recommendations will always be in their best interests
  • IDEAS The bigger the better. The Zip method promises a steady flow of ideas that will make a difference for the clients we serve. We are in the “idea” business. Creative. Innovative.
  • SERVICE We do what we say we will. The Zip method promises a “can do” service orientation that is proactive and geared toward everyone working to get the job done.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY We hold ourselves to the highest standard. The Zip method takes responsibility for the recommendations  we make and promises a satisfactory return on investment. Or else.
  • ENJOYMENT This won't hurt a bit. The Zip method promises a collaborative experience to be enjoyed by all. The work is hard. The stakes are high... but that doesn't mean it can't be fun.



About us? Not really. At Zip Creative, Inc. we feel it's all about our clients. Helping clients meet their unique needs and achieve their prospective goals.


Since we opened our doors, over 20 years ago, our mission has remained the same - to help move our clients' businesses forward through our efforts as their marketing partner.

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